Contact Arleen by e-mail at volunteer@adopt-a-cat.org or by phone at 907-344-8808 for more information about how you can help.

New volunteers are invited to contribute their time, energy and love to make our shelter a safe, comfortable and happy place for our cats.

Volunteers help care for the cats, clean the shelter daily, raise funds, write and publish the newsletter, publicize our work, and maintain our website.

There is more than enough stuff to do that the cats cannot do for themselves!

* Due to liability concerns, we require that all volunteers under the age of 16 have an adult person present at all times.

Download a volunteer application (Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat PDF), fill it out and bring it with you to the shelter.

Cleaning the Shelter
Sweep, mop, clean litter boxes, laundry, food and water bowls. Every day, the shelter must be cleaned from head to toe and every helper makes the job much easier. If you are thinking about volunteering and don't know where to start, this is a great place.

Cat Care
Groom, health care, trips to the vet, shot records. The cats need to be groomed early. This works well for younger ones who want to help the kitties for a day or two.

Shelter Repairs
Appliances, furniture, carpentry, plumbing, paint. The shelter is constantly going through some sort of renovation. If you have any experience in building or repair, we could use your help.

Grant Writing
Internet research, fill in forms, track progress. Grants are a great way to raise funds for the shelter. This can be done from the comfort of your home.

Press releases, event advertising, arrange media coverage, public service announcements. Do you have connections in the media that can help get out the Alaska Humane Society's name? We need people who can help with event coverage, service announcements, event advertising, etc.

Fund Raising
Organize events, sell things, solicit donations. Alaska Humane Society is run completely on donations and is always looking for other ways to raise more money.

Make Sellable Items
Cat toys, cat furniture, crafts. When we have booths at area events/markets, we like to sell cat-related items. If you are able to make cat toys, cat furniture, or crafts that can be sold, we can use your help.

Write articles, layout, illustration, printing. Twice a year, Alaska Humane Society publishes a newsletter. We need people to write articles, layout the newsletter, and help to publish it.

Public Speaking
Classrooms, special events, organizations, scout groups.

Volunteer Recruitment
Advertise, interview, schedule. We can always use more volunteers and recruiting volunteers extremely important.

Booth Sitting
Volunteer fair, special events, pet shows, Dog Jog, Saturday Market. We have many regular booths that need to be staffed around town.

Promote Adoptions
Publicity, photos, write cat profiles. Writing profiles about cats can really increase their chances of being seen on the web site.

Office Tasks
We always need people to answer phone messages, file papers, mail items, and write thank you cards. This can be done at the shelter or from your home.

We need volunteers who are willing to pick up cat food, litter, and cleaning supplies on your way home and drop them off at the shelter.